Membership Benefits



AmCham Bulgaria brings the US and Bulgarian business communities together and works to promote their mutual interests. As a member, your business will benefit from the wide range of services, including:

Active networking with the leaders of the American and Bulgarian business communities;
Meetings featuring US and foreign business and governmental decision-makers;
Business leads and governmental contacts;
Regular publications as well as special reports on business in Bulgaria and EU;
Advice on doing business and living in Bulgaria;
Assistance in attaining increased insight into business opportunities;
Promotion and maintenance of ethical standards for business conduct;
Maintenance of good relations with US and Bulgarian commercial enterprises and governmental agencies;
Protection and promotion of members business interests;

AmCham members are your present or future business partners!

Membership Category
Membership Fee
International company
– Registered in Bulgaria company with at least a minimum 51 percent ownership by a foreign entity.
– Registered in Bulgaria trade representative office or subsidiary of a company registered outside Bulgaria?with its corporate headquarters located abroad listed on a major stock exchange.
– Registered in Bulgaria company with foreign owned franchise or license.
BGN. 2500
Local company
A 100% Bulgarian owned or below 51% owned by a foreign entity company registered in Bulgaria.
BGN. 1700
Registered in Bulgaria not-government organization or other not-for-profit entity.
BGN. 850
Individual member
Bulgarian or foreign persons.
BGN. 750
Associate member
Not-registered and not-resident in Bulgaria company registered on a major stock exchange.
USD. 600

*Please note that each new member is also charged a one time administrative fee of BGN 500.